Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stones (100 grams) (5-10 stones)

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Lapis Lazuli crystal benefits include feelings of peace and serenity brought about by stress relief. Lapis lazuli properties encourage spiritual journeying and enhance spiritual power. The focus on learning at the root of lapis lazuli meaning carries through to:

Providing more intuitive enlightenment in dream work. Strengthening connections to dream forces for better guidance while in an altered state. Dreams about lapis lazuli are said to represent faithful love. Lapis lazuli crystals block psychic attacks and reflect the psychic energy back on the attacker like a mirror.

Please note: Your order will include 100 grams of gemstone, which can equal anywhere from around 5 to 10 stones, on average, depending on the size of the stone. For example: A 1" by 1" stone will weight approx 10-15 grams, some stones may be a bit smaller then that and some may be a bit larger!


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