Crystal Gemstones and their Meanings (eBook)

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In this ebook we have compiled a large list of crystal gemstones and minerals, as well as their spiritual meanings! Plenty of photos have been included of each gemstone in this beautiful eBook. Available for INSTANT download after purchase! 

*(please note this is an eBook. It is not a hard copy book. that means that you don't have to wait for delivery!)

The A to Z of Gemstones and their Spiritual Meaning Page 2
I. Minerals  (1-40 different Minerals)

1. Andalusite

2. Beryl

3. Bloodstone

4. Celestite

5. Chrysoberyl

6. Chrysocolla

7. Chrysoprase

8. Sapphires

9. Ruby

10. Danburite

11. Diamond

12. Diopside

13. Dioptase

14. Dumortierite

15. Amazonite

16. Labradorite

17. Moonstone

18. Sunstone

19. Fluorite

20. Garnet more......

II. Organic

III. Inorganic mineraloids


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  • eBook: 70 pages 
  • Published: (Aug 18, 2015) by Jasmine Spirit
  • Language: English

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