What Mysteries Do The Tree Of Life Hold?

The origin of this Tree of Life symbology goes back to the ancient Atlantean myth, pre-cursor to the Genesis story. At the center of Atlas’ garden was the great Tree of Life, just as in the Garden of Eden. This tree produced unique golden apples of immortality, reserved only for the most purified and holy beings. Atlas’ 7 daughters were known as “the Hesperides” and their main duty was tending and defending the Tree of Life.Assisting them in its protection was a familiar friend coiled around the tree.

To assist the Hesperides in its protection, a serpent called Ladon entwined about the bough … The Hesperides are sometimes given as seven in number. As such, they may correspond to the seven major chakras, or metaphysical energy centers that, collectively, comprise the human personality. So too, the Tree of Life symbolizes the spinal column, along which the chakras are arranged. This interpretation suggests that kundalini yoga originated in Atlantis, from which it spread around the world. Indeed, the Tree of Life is a theme frequently encountered in many European and Asian traditions of Atlantis and Lemuria, respectively.

It would seem that the secret of 33, the secret held by 33rddegree Freemasons is one regarding spiritual consciousness, one that dates back to ancient Egypt and Atlantis. The Masonic symbol of a pillar holding up the Earth no doubt relates to this Atlantean mythos, in which Atlas held the world on his shoulders.In the dictionary, one definition of “Atlas” is the anatomical term for the first cervical vertebra which supports the head.

Product details:

Size: Approx 1.8" x 1.9" x 0.2"(45mm x 48mm x 5mm )
Weight: Approx 15-22g, 
Material: Amethyst,Green Aventurine,Colorful Stone,Indian Agate,Rose Quartz,Garnet
Wire wrapped heart shape pendant
The picture is only for your reference,you will receive a pendant similar to shown in the picture as each pendant will vary slightly.

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