This Blue Agate Crystal is Intelligent, Sentient, Alive and it can Take Your Stress Away!

This is a blue agate crystal. It was formed approximate 65 billion years ago. That's quite a few years before you were born. It is INTELLIGENT. It is sentient. It is ALIVE... just not on a level that we as humans, can necessarily see... or understand, and it will take away your STRESS!

Everything in the universe has one thing in common: VIBRATION. Everything vibrates on the level of energy. Vibration determines FREQUENCY and FREQUENCY is the BASIS of ALL HUMAN EMOTION.

STRESS: is just a frequency of vibration.

A CRYSTAL like this Blue Agate, has a very STRONG and SPECIAL vibration frequency. Your emotions can change frequency very easily. When you are SAD you are one frequency and when you are HAPPY you are another frequency. STRESS is yet another frequency still, but a BLUE AGATE CRYSTAL, like the one in this photo, has a STEADY vibration frequency.

MUSIC has a vibration frequency. Some music can make you feel excited! Some music makes you feel sad. Some makes you feel like you want to jump up and DANCE!

Music can make you feel this way because it's FREQUENCY is EFFECTING YOUR FREQUENCY.

Remember: ALL EMOTION IS JUST A FREQUENCY. When you keep CRYSTALS nearby you, their beautiful, strong, vibration energy effects your vibration... just like music!


TODAY ONLY, we are making down the cost of this beautiful blue agate crystal point by 50%. This is a special price that will end tomorrow, so if stress is a problem in your life, you may just need a little blue agate energy!

This stone is hand-cut by exceptional artisans, and it is chosen specifically for it's purity and beautiful characteristics.

Length approx: 4cm (2.5inch)

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