Use The Evenstar To Manifest Your Environmental Commitment

The world that J. R. R. Tolkien describes in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ is a world where Nature has a great power, great enough even to face and fight the Enemy. Environment in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ is a key to every different adventure and it is as present as any other main character. Landscapes, lakes, mountains and trees all have their own names in the different languages of Middle-earth, and some even revered by nearby peoples.

In the eternal struggle between good and evil, Nature is on the side of good. The different realms of Middle-earth fight against Mordor, a dark deserted place where no green thing grows. One of the strongest and most unexpected enemies Sauron finds is the Shire, a green land whose inhabitants dwell in peace and happiness. There is a great power in the Shire, as Gandalf says in ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’, though what exactly that power is we do not know. However, it is certain that the Shire’s calmness, and the way its inhabitants respect and work with the environment, is a strength more powerful than bravery or pride.

The Evenstar, as worn by Galadrial, is a reminder that the world is a sacred place that protects us -- but also in turn needs our protection. If we allow terrible destruction to nature then our symbiosis is thrown out of balance and nature is no longer able to afford us protection. Even in the early 20th century when Tolkien was still writing, he had the vision to see our future in an industrialized world, and the good sense to try and warn us against our probable downfall. Remind yourself and those around you of this profound message on a daily basis with this replica pendant.

Product Details
Material: Cubic Zirconia/Crystal set on Alloy Platinum-Plated 
Size: Approximately 5.3 x 3.1 cm

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