Turquoise And Native American Culture

Native Americans believe the stone is sacred and it is used for a number of important ceremonies. It grants good fortune and green turquoise meaning legends even state that if the stone is offered as a gift, the mystical supernatural powers will be transferred to the recipient. Green turquoise meaning also states that the stone’s energy creates a very personal bond with the wearer and even develops and harbors many of the wearer’s characteristics. It’s intense to think that one small stone can hold so much green turquoise meaning.

Native American Indians had as many different words for turquoise as there were languages spoken. Many of the words translated into English as the sky stone evoking the sky-blue shade of the stone most commonly found. Native Americans had been working turquoise mines with stone mauls and antler picks for centuries before the arrival of the Europeans.

Native Americans believe that the earth is alive and that all things, no matter how small or apparently inanimate, are precious. To the Native Americans, turquoise is life. There are stones medicine men keep in their sacred bundles because they possess powers of healing. Stones and crystals have unique attributed that support and heal us. Turquoise, especially, is known for its positive healing energy, an aid in mental functions, communications and expression and as a protector. If you’re wearing a turquoise ring and you look down and see a crack in your stone, the Native Americans would say “the stone took it”, meaning the stone took the blow that you would have received.

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