This Student Had Trouble Focusing His Studies Until Blue Agate Wands Occupied His Work Space

Going back to the dawn of human civilization, blue agate has been used to calm our nerves and focus our unquiet minds. As a student I always had difficulty when study time came because my mind was carrying with on so many other topics -- life, relationships, work and everything else except the task at hand.

It took a suggestion from my cousin to try using Blue Agate wands placed strategically around my study space and I'm positive it made a difference. There was something about their presence that allowed me to focus on what I was doing and conquer my study difficulties. Now I have a higher degree from my studies and a lifelong lesson in how to focus my inner turmoils when they strive to conquer my productivity.

Electric blue agate is known as the 'Stone of Oxygen' -- this stone is fantastic to oxygenate the blood, is very useful for the being who participates in fast paced and strenuous activities, as well as being beneficial to the being needing to keep a focused and sharp mind.

This form of Agate is just like having a pure oxygen boost to the blood, it can be used during times of fast pace, when a lot of energy is being burned and the levels of oxygen are needed to be increased.
It can be said as being a 'zest stone' because of the surge of energy it can bring, the stimulation of the mind, body and spirit and how it helps lift the mood.

Electric Blue Agate works extremely well with the Energy centre, and especially helps its keeper to speak with confidence and a sense of freedom. It is a stone that also encourages its keeper to take on a more positive attitude, helping to bring a more courageous, self motivating and hopeful personality.

Product details:
Length approx 4cm or 2.5inch
Blue Agate
Flat based ( so they can stand)

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