Remember Good Manners With Yellow Agate

Golden agate stone is believed to promote truth, happiness, intelligence, good manners, prosperity and longevity. It is also thought to assist in the elimination of fear and aid in eloquent use of language. The name agate is supposedly derived from the river Achates (now called the Drillo) in Sicily. Origin Agates are found as ball- or almond-shaped nodules with sizes ranging from a fraction of an inch to a circumference of several yards; more rarely they are found as fillings of crevices in volcanic rock (such as melaphyre and porphyry).

All forms of energy have similar characteristics. A color, a vibration which in turn generates a frequency or sound. Because different types of crystals have different densities, each type of crystal will vibrate at different frequencies, thus creating different energy signatures. You can keep a crystal in your pocket, or wear it as a charm to help stimulate that particular energy needed. For instance, someone who is healing from a loss, may want to carry a Rose Quartz crystal with them to help stimulate healing of the heart.

Crystals can also be used in spiritual rituals or healing in a similar manner. You can also place them around your meditation space to promote inner peace, and stimulate connection to spirit. Or to amplify Divine energy coming into your space or being sent out from your space; such as during a healing circle.

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