Opening The Third Eye with Lapis Lazuli to Awaken Your PHYSIC POWERS

Used at the third eye, it may initiate psychic abilities or powers, as it will activate the pineal gland and open your connections to spirit.

Lapis is a prominent third eye chakra stone, that will develop your intuition as well as amplifying and expanding psychic visions and clairvoyant abilities.

By opening the third eye it commonly brings through enhanced visionary abilities, and may stimulate you to allow yourself to set free your imagination.

Like most blue stones, Lapis will stimulate and activate the throat chakra.

It has a strong and unique energy that may challenge many people, and this makes Lapis an amazingly powerful stone for spiritual growth and spiritual health.

As it is a highly spiritual stone, it will work through the fifth chakra to aid your creativity and communication using psychic gifts and abilities, in alignment with Divine Will.

It is powerful to create depth and clarity in your thinking and in your communications. It may be called a truth crystal, as it also ensures that the words you speak are in alignment with your personal truth.

Lapis Lazuli stones are highly valued for their beauty, but their alchemical value is also very important. Most of us understand the idea and value of truth, but many are unsure of enlightenment.

Lapis Lazuli Heart Pendant:

  • Heart-shaped Lapis Lazuli Pendant
  • Set on Sterling Silver with intricate decorative flower detail
  • Pendant size: approximately 1-1.5 inches (33mmx33mm)
  • Weight 15grams

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