"FREYA GODDESS" Moonstone, Macrame Necklace


'FREYA GODDESS' Moonstone Necklace-

The most beautiful of the Norse goddesses, Freya is the goddess of Beauty and Love.  She is of the race of gods called the Vanir.   She is also a warrior showing protection.

Freyja is a seeress – she taught Odin the practice of seither.  That is fortune telling by entering a trance and contacting the spirits to determine the future.  If you seek to learn the arts of divination honoring and calling upon Freyja can help you achieve your goal. You might honor her on Friday.  The day Friday (Frejyasdaeg) was named for her.

Increase your powers to the Divine. Allow yourself to feel beautiful and protective by wearing our very attractive FREYA GODDESS Moonstone Macrame Necklace.

Moonstone Qualities:

Moonstone is said to have many intuitive and emotional properties. It helps tap into the more gentle qualities of love and peace, especially if the person has had to close up their emotions for survival (think police, active duty military, rescue workers, therapists, or those grieving). Moonstone helps bring out an empathic response, bringing feeling back to those who’ve been numb. Yet moonstone is protective as well, and will open a person up as far as they are able, but not so much that they are overwhelmed. It naturally helps compassion and tenderness unfold in a healthy way. This ability to increase empathy makes moonstone useful for people in leadership positions, management, and coaches also, to help them stay in touch with the people they need to direct and make decisions for. For people who already feel, moonstone can bring up old, old emotions that still need to be worked through. It will assist the calming of fears and the smoothing out of hormonal mood swings. Moonstone is a stone of that brings out the nurturing in feeling.

Along with moonstone’s ability to open the heart to compassionate love, it also opens the way for more romantic love. The moonstone has long been used as a gift for lovers, and for those wishing to secure the passions of their partner. One folk tale said that wearing a moonstone in a piece of jewellery during the full moon while making love would increase the chances of fertility.

Moonstone is said to increase one’s sensitivity to the Divine, to heighten intuition and open one up to their psychic gifts. There is a certain positivity to moonstone in that it encourages hope and inspiration, allowing you to wish and aspire and flow in harmony with your dreams (especially if you’ve already used moonstone to help work through any past emotional issues). Moonstone is said to help fulfill the things in life that one actually needs. It does not always attract what you want, but it will always attract what you need, and it will also help you to understand the difference between the two.

There is a long rich history of moonstone being used to help with women’s needs. It is a stone of protection for women and children, especially pregnant women and babies. It has been used for centuries to enhance fertility, such as the ancient practice (still around today) that some Middle Eastern women have of sewing moonstones into their clothing if they would like to have a child. Besides its role as a fertility stone, it is also believed to support women’s reproductive health all around…. from easing menstrual problems, to assisting a woman in childbirth. It is said to help soothe wild hormones, and as such is often recommended to teenagers and women going through various changes in their life (pregnancy, menopause). Considered a “stone of the goddess” by some, the moonstone is associated with the moon and the tides, femininity and the subconscious. It helps sync up the rhythms of lunar energy to the rhythms of a woman’s body.

Moonstone also plays a role as a sleep stone. It is said to assist with lucid dreaming when tucked beneath one’s pillow. Some believe if you meditate with a moonstone right before going to bed, it will grant you a restful night of sleep.

Don't miss out- get you very own Handmade Macrame Beaded MOONSTONE Necklace- LIMITED STOCK as these are each Handmade by Spirit Magic.

Product details:
MOONSTONE Gemstone Length 2-2.9cm x 1.5-2cm wide approx.
Adjustable Slide knot- 12-20inches

Natural wax cord in cream colour
Main section of necklace approx. 4-5 inches wide by 3-3.5 cm long

*Remember each necklace and gemstone will vary from main photo in SIZE and COLOUR. This is due to each item being uniquely handmade and each of the gemstones being hand cut and having their own variations in colour.  No two necklaces are ever exactly the same due to this.

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