Leonardo Da Vinci Knew About A Horse's Healing Powers

In numerous cases, horses were brought in to assist therapists in a number of varied human rehabilitation programs in what is now generally referred to as equine-facilitated psychotherapy, equine-assisted therapy, or sometimes simply equine therapy. In addition to how horses helped with self-awareness I could see how humans with mental and emotional wounds were also experiencing profound healing effects from interacting with horses.

Many humans with certain types of emotional damage experience positive feelings of well being, acceptance and compassion as they unconsciously identify with two primary equine survival traits: Hypervigilance ~ empowered by superhuman senses and Herd-Dynamic-Based Social Skills ~ established and practiced with the greatest principles of love. This identification can lead a person to the self-awareness necessary for healing his or her emotional wounds.

To promote social harmony and keep the herd together, horses possess a number of evolutionary hardwired qualities. These include: being accepting, tolerant, kind, respectful, honest, fair, nonjudgmental, compassionate, and forgiving. All of these innate equine qualities are also utilized when a horse interacts with a human.

This unique Fibonacci Spiral pendant is so gorgeous with the very famous Leonardo Da Vinci Drawing Horse featured. A really pretty pendant and makes a beautiful gift for horse lover that you know.

This makes a beautiful gift!

Pendant details:
The pendant tray measures 25mm (1 inch) across.
It comes with a matching 24"
(60cm) vintage bronze link chain necklace
Lobster Clasp
Ready to wear immediately.

All of our pendant images are fine art prints made with archival papers and inks.

The printed art is covered with a clear glass cabochon to protect and enhance the image.
All of our pendant images are fine art prints made with archival papers and inks.

Please note: Colors on computer screens vary and may be slightly different in the jewellery piece than your computer screen version shows.

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