Keep Your Spiritual Balance With A Dragon Eye

Dragons are spiritual manifestations of ourselves, both at our best, and at our worst. It is no accident that dragons pervade culture after culture in the history of humanity, spanning thousands of generations. Like both ends of a spectrum the dragon reminds us that we are fluid beings that can change and adapt and grow. This spiritual reminder is paramount in our journey, both a lesson and warning, ensuring we continue to walk the spiritual path and not allow distractions to derail our respective travels.

There is an Ancient Legend which states that the Dragon was separated into two beings - the male, who is the 'Howler in the Wastes of Nothingness', the 'Demon Lord of Time' - and the female, who presides over the Universe as the 'Shekinah' (Babalon, Nuit), the matrix of manifestation. The union of these two opens the Gates of the Abyss. When the 'Dweller on the Threshold' denies 'Shekinah', he breeds 'devils' in Chaos.

The imperfectly created universe of the 'Dweller' or 'Beast' must be destroyed or reabsorbed (past karma and all bonds of energy with the Universe must be overcome) before the initiate may attain union with the 'Shekinah'. Then, the serpent fire rises to an explosion of ecstasy in ' the Abyss', casting forth its 'Star'. The 'Serpent Fire' thus released interlaces itself with the 'Water of Space', and by this process the 'Beast' is reabsorbed in to the 'Shekinah'.

It is in the 'silence of the death of desire', that the 'Golden Child', born of the union of 'Beauty and the Beast' realizes its identity with Absolute Consciousness.

 Pendant details:

The pendant tray measures 25mm (1 inch) across.
It comes with a matching 24" (60cm) link chain necklace

Lobster Clasp
Ready to wear immediately

Please note: Colors on computer screens vary and may be slightly different in the jewelry piece than your computer screen version shows.

All of our pendant images are fine art prints made with archival papers and inks. The printed art is covered with a clear glass cabochon to protect and enhance the image.  All of our pendant images are fine art prints made with archival papers and inks


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