Ground Excess Energy With Fluorite

Green Fluorite is a valuable helper in grounding excess energies. Green fluorite is able to awaken the heart chakra. It is connected to intuition, grounding, and absorbing the excess energy, including the energy from the environment. It brings information from the subconscious to the conscious mind.

Green fluorite helps in dissolving the emotional traumas, it cleanses the mind, the chakras and the aura. It can be used very successfully in crystal healing and self healing, where it helps all egocentric problems on psychic level and with the stomach and intestines on physical level. Hormone Balance. This stone has been helpful with hormonal changes such as PMS and menopause.

Fluorite is one of the New Age stones, and it becoming increasing more popular. This stone has no long history of magical use. Its influences are just now being investigated and discovered. In general, it seems to work with the conscious mind, useful for straightening out your thoughts and for reducing emotion involvement in a situation in order to gain more accurate perspective.

Fluorite may be used with other stone to help open the path to allow the additional stones to be more effective.  Fluorite may can be used as a stone for meditation to assist in energizing the body and raising one’s powers of concentration.

Although usually translucent, Fluorite comes in shades of white, brown, blue, yellow, purple, red, or colorless, and green. Fluorite is a valuable helper in grounding excess energies.

Product details:

Length approx 4cm or 2.5inch
Green Fluorite
Flat based ( so they can stand)


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