Gemstone Oval Onyx Pendant (Negative Energy Protection)


Raw Green Onyx Stones are strength giving.  Other Green Onyx Meanings include:


  • Provides support in difficult or confusing circumstances and during times of enormous mental or physical stress
  • Centers your energy and aligns it with a higher guidance, helping one to connect with the “whole”
  • Can take you forward to view the future and, with its capacity to impart personal strength, makes it easier to be master of ones destiny
  • Promotes vigor, steadfastness and stamina
  • Aids learning lessons
  • Imparts self-confidence and helps you to be at ease
  • Useful in past-life work for healing old injuries that are affecting the present
  • Can be used to heal grief and old sorrows
  • Recognizes and integrates dualities within the self
  • Anchors someone who is “flighty” into a more stable way of living
  • Imparts self-control
  • Alleviates overwhelming fears and worries
  • Helps one to make wise decisions
  • Balances the yin and yang energies within the body
  • Beneficial for teeth, bones, bone marrow, blood disorders and the feet

Product Details

Pendant Sizing: 35-40 mm long

**Remember all items can vary from main photo slightly in color and size. 
*** Necklace not included

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