Cats Have Been Revered Through The Ages For This Special Power

We've seen it in movies, read it in books -- but is it true that cats have special powers? The Egyptians loved them, they were seen as a sign of the devil(black cats) in medieval Europe, but what's the truth? The truth is that the magic of cats spans the ages, and these mystical felines have been the foundation of several different branches of the supernatural realm over the eons.

One of the most famous cases of cats being seen as extremely special supernatural beings is of course ancient Egypt. While they were not exactly worshiped as is the common misconception, they were still kept in very high esteem as they kept rodents away and were skilled natural hunters. The Egyptian goddess of protection and fertility known as Bastet (or merely Bast) was often seen in the mythology as a cat or enjoyed the ability to take on the form of a cat. This religious link meant that most Egyptians paid great respect to domestic cats in case the feline happened to be the goddess in her primordial form.

Even though most people tend to restrict their views of the ancient Norse culture to manly Vikings and the raven carrying god Odin, there was a more feminine aspect to this ancient civilization and religion that embraced cats as special creatures. The Norse goddess of fertility and love named Freya (also spelled Freja, Freyja, Freija, or Freiya), which literally translates as “Lady” and is the source for the day of the week known being called Friday, was closely associated with cats in addition to her prowess over the magical realm. Her personal transport of a beautiful chariot was pulled by two large gray (or in some stories black) cats and domesticated cats were thought to be her liaisons to the mortal realm, signifying good luck and a happy home life to those who kept cats in their home by taking care of them and feeding them. These cats were also given a certain amount of freedom as the cats were supposed to be helpers of Freya whenever she called upon them or needed assistance.

Pendant details:
The pendant tray measures 25mm (1 inch) across.
It comes with a matching 24" (60cm) Vintage Black link chain necklace

Lobster Clasp
Ready to wear immediately.

Please note: Colors on computer screens vary and may be slightly different in the jewelry piece than your computer screen version shows.

All of our pendant images are fine art prints made with archival papers and inks. The printed art is covered with a clear glass cabochon to protect and enhance the image.  All of our pendant images are fine art prints made with archival papers and inks.

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