Amethyst Creeping Vine Pendant

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This uniquely designed pendant and necklace is made from the stunning gemstone of amethyst. Beautifully crafted, this item will be a limited supply into our shoppe so stock will sell out fast!

Amethyst powers stimulate all the energy centers in the mind, body and soul. Amethysts are a stone of love, they can purify the air and space around them. Whether this be negative emotions or vibrations. Amethysts can calm and clear negative energy for you. 

Product Details:
The pendant is approx 4.5cm long 
Include black cord necklace with beads
Clasp connection on necklace
Necklace length approx 18inches.

Note: The amethyst color will vary slightly from piece to piece as amethyst is a very unique gemstone, but each piece will be very beautiful. 


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