Amethyst Skull (450g)

Amethyst powers stimulate all the energy centers in the mind, body and soul. Amethysts are a stone of love, they can purify the air and space around them. Whether this is negative emotions or vibrations. Amethysts can calm and clear negative energy for you.

Amethyst is a stone of the spirit. In general, the beautiful purple color of this crystal is the color of the spirit and spirituality. Amethyst is also a crystal of protection, selflessness, nobleness, spiritual consciousness, meditative, balance and inner peace. One very important feature of Amethyst is to serve as a stone of transfiguration and transformation, bringing harmony and peace wherever needed.

Small sized amethyst crystal skull beautifully carved. Take a look at the photos to get an idea of size.

Product details:
*Each size will vary a little due to being handmade*
Length 33mm
Width 24mm
Height 26mm
Weight is approx. 40g.

**Remember all items can vary from main photo slightly in color and size.**
Some amethyst can be darker or lighter in color as each piece is unique in its own way. Please check photos to see.

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