Watermelon Angel Aura Quartz Cluster (75g)

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Angel Aura Quartz is the ultimate psychic stone for sensitives, healers, empaths and zen seekers. Excellent for helping one understand the sacred astral plane invoking psychic protection, psychic visions and accessing the Akashic records and highest wisdom… It is also an excellent aura cleanser and aids in keeping the chakra centres clear and clean of psychic debris.

Mystical lore counts it a stone of high spiritual energy. It is said that it is very helpful to the aura which it can protect, balance, and bring energetic health.  In addition it has been said to assist in raising Kundalini energy in a more gentle manner.

Angel Aura is used in meditation and can help one meditate on finding the proper course of action in life. It is said to help with angelic communication and communicating with Higher Self and inner wisdom. It is used by mystics to help access Akashic records and past life recall. It is said to bring peace and tranquility because of the angelic protection it brings.

SIZE: Please note clusters are all very different. No two clusters are ever the same. Upon purchasing this item you accept this.
The size can range from 25-45MM Wide, from bottom to the cluster point approximately 30-50mm in height. 
Weight is the best way to measure. These pretty clusters are between 50-80 grams. They are our smallest clusters that we sell.

**Remember items can and will vary from main photo in colour and size.** 
This is due to each item being uniquely made and each of the gemstones having their own variations in colour. Angel Aura has many colour variations and the cluster itself comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Check out examples in photos. Refunds will not be given for a different shape or cluster.

Watermelon Angel Aura Quartz Cluster (75G)
Watermelon Angel Aura Quartz Cluster (75G)
Watermelon Angel Aura Quartz Cluster (75G)