3 Fantastic Uses For Reiki Wands

One very useful purpose of reiki wands is their ability to draw out negative energy from your body. For this, you do the opposite method described above. Point the tip of the crystal towards your body, and as you do, meditate on all of the negative things happening inside you. Are they fears? Are they worries? Is it anxiety, depression, or even a migraine? Meditate on the crystal drawing out and pulling out negativity and pain. Again, speak your intentions if you like as you do so.

Wands have been used since ancient times to increase the power of spells. The pointed end of each wand directs the spell energy. The wand is a powerful addition to have on your altar. Wands can be wrapped in silver or copper wire with other gemstones to personalize it.  Gemstone wands can be personalized for different uses. Massage wands can be used on acupressure and reflexology points. They are used to channel energy in chakra balancing and aura cleansing.

Gemstone wands are used in a variety of spiritual healing and magick modalities.  In crystal healing and reiki, each gemstone's natural healing properties are imparted when used on or near the body, these wands were wonderful for treating and releasing trigger points.  And, of course, you can also use them as casting wands in ritual!

SIZING DOES VARY- And we will not exchange or refund for different sizes.

Width: They range from 2cm -3 cm wide (or 1-1.5 inches)

Length: Between 7cm to 10cm long (or about 3 to 4 inches long)

Each wand will vary in size and color from the images provided. Upon purchasing, you agree to the uniqueness of each of these wands.

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