Why Did The Egyptians Revere The Pyramid Shape?

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Though the Pyramids were discovered in many parts of world, Egypt is on the top name that comes to our mind while talking about Pyramids and their mysteries. Besides the Great Pyramid there are number of Pyramids found in Egypt but because of its Huge size and Mathematical and Geometrical Perfection it has attracted a gigantic spiritual following. With regard to actual building, how did the Egyptians two thousand years ago manage this feat? Was it the size of the structure or the shape of its geometry that is the source of the Pyramid’s power? 

From ancient times, the Pyramids of Egypt have been acknowledged as powerful design structures that connect all kinds of energy forces. Its shape has been proven to possess the geometry that radiates healing powers. When you observe the energy flow patterns in a pyramid by mapping it using Kirlian Photography, you will see that there are broadly two specific  phenomenon, ONE a concentration of energy that takes place around the vertical axis passing through the apex of the pyramid, at one third the height from its base, and TWO, energy coming out of the summit of the pyramid is in spiral form.

The Egyptians must have been aware of these energy patterns as they used this knowledge to build the kind of tomb that could preserve bodies within them. Thus whatever was placed at a height of one third from the base would remain fresh, so this was the “King’s Chamber”. This way, the body of the king was preserved for decades, hundreds of years perhaps? The effect of structures and the impact on human beings and energy levels in modern day terminology is known as Geo Biology or Bio Geometry.

Product Details:
Shape: Pyramid 

Material: Tigers Eye stone
Length: 30-35mm
Width: 33-36mm
Height: 20-22mm
Weight: 26-32g

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This item can be found in our online store, visit our online store here -> www.SpiritMagic.net