Use The Blue Moon To Cast A Love Spell

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There are times when the moon does appear blue, usually after a forest fire and a volcanic eruption when there is dust and smoke particles in the atmosphere, but this is exceptionally rare. Typically in a season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) there are three full moons per season.  A full moon is where the moon is a perfect circle in the night sky.  On rare occasions there are four full moons in one season,  and the third one of these four full moons is called a Blue Moon. 

A full moon in itself is a great time for casting spells.  When the moon is full it increases the energy on the planet, and increases the power of the spiritual world and entities.  That is why they say Werewolves come out on the full moon.  People transform in essence with the power the full moon offers.

In the psychiatric wards in hospitals, strange things always happen on a full moon and people seem to change. This is because psych patients are often quite sensitive to the energies of the spirit world and are easily influenced by spiritual forces.  Also, a sad truth, some psych patients are people who have tried to learn magick and had it backfire on them or had entities take control and torment them.   On the Full Moon the spiritual forces are out and in full force and effecting and influencing those who are sensitive to them. With a Blue Moon this effect is even stronger.

That being said, not all entities are dangerous and bad,  we all have natural spirit guides that follow us around and help us in our everyday lives.  People have guardian Angels and some have Guardian Demons.  There are those that have awaken the ability to communicate with their higher selves and ask for guidance, and those who converse with their ancestors and ancient masters.  If you desire to connect with spiritual forces I would suggest making contact with your own guides or higher self as they wish to serve and protect you, not harm you.

This is a quality and special blue tree glass jewelry set best for any occasions. Made from a romantic silver and fine glass. 

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This item can be found in our online store, visit our online store here ->