Transition From A Negative Situation With Amazing Calcite

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Calcite helps you adjust to the transition from a stagnant or negative situation to a challenging, more fulfilling, and positive one. Calcite also brings tranquility; soothes spiritual heart; helps us learn from lessons in each situation and new options. Clarifies visions, imagery, astral travel and recall. Helps us replace fears, old ways with healthier ones. Cleans toxins and fumes from body. Needs cleansing if sticky.

By simply holding one in your hand, you can create an amazing flow of energy through your body, as they are strong energy amplifiers. Whatever color you choose, these stones are excellent assets to have present in your home, business or in your healing area, as they are well known to assist you to cleanse your environment.

These stones are one of the most abundant types of crystal found on the planet, and there is a some of this stone found in many continents of the world. It is also found mixed with other stones, or you may find other minerals as inclusions in Calcite.

Crystals in this family with strong metaphysical attributes are often found in the USA, as well as in a number of other locations around the globe including Britain, Belgium, Iceland, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

The basic make up of Calcite is calcium carbonate, and it forms in water. It is one of the constituents that make up a large number of sedimentary rocks, including limestone and marble.

This item can be found in our online store, visit our online store here ->