The Ultimate Psychic Protection?

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There are so many psychic attacks that are thrown at us day in and day out, and so many ways to counteract them, but which mineral is the 'best of the best' when it comes to psychic protection? I'm glad you asked. Enter moldavite. It is one of the best stones to use for psychic protection, as negative entities find it difficult to connect to your aura when you are wearing it. Keep it close and it will shield your aura from negativity and allow you to focus on what's most important to you.

Wearing this stone is an advantage when you are working with spirit, so you can be sure that what you are making contact with is of 'the light'. Using this stone in meditation is very powerful. Change and spiritual healing are the common elements that this powerful natural crystal stimulates among most people, and this may take different forms.

This crystal is found in only one area of the world, and the meaning of the name Moldavite relates to the area of Moldavia where it is found. A meteorite of enormous size and incredible impact is known to have crashed in the Czechoslovakian mountain region around 15 million years ago. This event is believed to have created melted material that fell to earth and created these beautiful green crystals.

It has been suggested that this may be a combination of meteoric matter and material from the area where it crashed, as the heat may have melded them together. Although some scientists believe it to be of extra-terrestrial origin, this cannot be confirmed.

Product details:
Pendant size vary in size and shape
Approx 2-3cm wide
3-4cm in length

**This is due to each item being uniquely made and each of the gemstones having their own 
variations in colour. 
*Necklace is NOT included

This item can be found in our online store, visit our online store here ->