The Stone Of Ancient Kings Can Protect Us Today

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Turquoise. It’s the one gemstone that has more legends attached to it than any other. Ancient Egyptian doctors used it to prevent injury and promote healing that occurred in battle. Persians treated blindness and cataracts with the stone. The Native Americans viewed turquoise as sacred, carving it into the forms of animals and birds. And here you thought it was just a pretty color.

Turquoise’s rich history dates back as far as 5500 BC, when it was mined in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt. One glance at the stone’s distinctive, saturated color and the Egyptians were smitten, perhaps thinking that the hue indicated it had actually fallen from the heavens above.

The qualities that ancient people valued in turquoise still exist today, and many will wear the stone and be reminded of its healing, friendship and communication energies. It is a strengthening stone, and its healing properties are especially helpful for those who are seeking solace, balance or peace. For these reasons, turquoise is excellent for depression or exhaustion.

Perhaps you know someone struggling with finding inner peace, who is going through a difficult time. By gifting a piece of turquoise jewelry, you show an expression of intent. She can wear the turquoise each and every day, touch it and be reminded to stay open to its healing energies.

Product details:
Pendant Size: Approximately 1.5-2 inches
Set on Gold Coated Plate with Turquoise Stud

**Remember items can and will vary from main photo slightly in color and size.** 
This is due to each item being uniquely made and each of the gemstones having their own variations in color.

*Necklace NOT included*

This item can be found in our online store, visit our online store here ->