The Special Meaning Tiger's Eye Provides In Life

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Gemstones have mystical beliefs and meanings that have carried through the centuries. Like a tiger, one who wears the tiger eye has the patience to wait for the most opportune moment and has great focus and determination. By wearing the gem, you will have the courage to fight negative energy whether it is illness or an outside influence. The harmony it brings is calming and helpful with meditation; meditations with the tiger eye stone will be complete with a calm inner being and total concentration. And with all things good, wealth and abundance can be yours. Use your tiger eye stone to its fullest potential.

When worn on your person, it is often stunning, catching others’ eye. You will find people compliment often and almost stare in an entranced way. For such a beautiful gemstone, it is inexpensive. Commonly used as beading for necklaces and bracelets, it is otherwise generally found as a pendant or costume jewelry. So easy to find and so many uses–there is no excuse to not have one to better yourself.  

The three main colors found in the gemstone are gold, red and blue. Each of these colors have an aura that is meant to stay with the wearer and be felt by those around them, gold for brightness, red for heart circulation and blue for high spiritual nature. All three coming together give anyone a stronger self awareness and higher mental state of well-being. Try to find a stone that has each color clearly defined; it will help each attribute become stronger.

Meditation may be the key you need. With clarity and light in your personal aura you will find your days become easier, there is less stress in making decisions, and your personality will come to life and fill every room you are in. Find a place in your home that is full of natural light; allow the light to flow through the tiger eye stone and onto you. It will help with clearing your mind of all that holds you back and allowing free, healthy thoughts and feeling in.

 Product details:

Length approx 4cm or 2.5inch
Tigers Eye
Flat based ( so they can stand)

This item can be found in our online store, visit our online store here ->