The Purpose And Meaning Of Crystal Skulls

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A large number of people are being attracted to one of the many beautiful skulls that are now being sold. If you have bought one, maybe you wonder if working with them may be beneficial to you? There are no right or wrong ways to use your skull, just ways that other people have mentioned they use theirs. Go with your feelings about how to use yours, as this is the right way for you.

Maybe you are wondering why you would choose to use a crystal skull. It seems that people seem to have one of two reactions to crystals skulls. Either they feel extremely drawn to them, or some people feel the opposite and do not like them at all and even feel a definite fear of them. The ancient skulls have many stories told about them, and these primarily come from various tribes of people in South America.

These skulls have been shown in a large number of places, including in many famous museums around the world. So the concepts of crystal skulls are becoming more well known. Humanity has always been on an esoteric journey to solve the mysteries of its creation linked to people and objects that allegedly contain higher powers, or can enhance those of the questor. Technology and the Internet help move consciousness to that place, with great precession, as if it was all part of a cosmic plan. We can sense the truth, soon to be revealed, about who we are and why we are here.

Lapis Lazuli is what this particular skull is made of and is used with other stones when parts of the body need to be purified and cleansed and should be only used by a healer. Lapis Lazuli has high intensity and can open many of the chakra centres. This must be done only with love in the heart and comprehension in the mind and wisdom in soul.

Product details:

Length: 5-6cm (approx 2-2.5 inches) width: 4-5cm

*Each size will vary a little due to being handmade*
Length 60mm
Width 45-55mm
Height 55-65mm
Weight is approx. 400-500g.

**Remember all items can vary from main photo slightly in color and size.**

This item can be found in our online store, visit our online store here ->