The Mystic Power Of Seashells In Ancient Times

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Seashells are very beautiful pieces of the ocean. Seashells have been used in many different cultures as money, art, jewelry and much more. Beautiful collections of seashells have been found in remote places throughout the world. Whether you are by the ocean or not you may find beautiful discoveries in the landscape around you.

Scientists have discovered inside of the limestone the pyramids were built with, that there are many different types of seashells. The seashells have become fossilized and have been around since the ancient flood times. If we could break apart the pyramids we would most likely find rare, unique and extinct species in the stone. The ancient Egyptians loved to use seashells in their art. They may have even used seashells as money. The seashell is most certainly a powerful key in unlocking the secrets of the pyramids.

Collections of seashells have been unearthed in Pompeii. Pliny the Elder was said to have a collection discovered in Pompeii. He was a roman author and philosopher. The city of Pompeii used seashells in much of their artwork, including a temple dedicated to the goddess Venus. Venus is depicted in a seashell naked lying in the ocean. Her association with the ocean is that it was her birthplace. Thereby is her association with the seashell.

According to the Greeks, the Amazons were the first people to construct weapons. Seashells can be constructed into arrowheads and other types of weapons. Many seashell altars were found in Amazon burials of the women. The Amazon women were very powerful and gifted in weapon design.

Boho Natural Shell Trumpet Necklace

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Stone size: 40-45mm long

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