The Milky Way Galaxy And Lemuria

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The first ‘seeding’ of Lemuria took place many hundreds of thousands of years ago in conscious thought forms.  However, the first ‘Souls’ to physically birth here on Earth (from the Pleiades) to establish the Lemurian community occurred approximately 100,000 years ago.

These ‘Souls’ chose to come to Earth to work consciously with the evolution of our Earth, Solar System & Milky Way Galaxy… but also to consciously work with the last four ‘Grand Cycles of Time’  (our Solar Systems 26,000 year rotation around the Central Sun Alcyone of the Pleiades – the brightest star in the Pleiades constellation’).

In the Early years of Lemuria, these first ‘seed’ Souls rarely inhabited a physical body as the physical body was unable to contain the full expanse of 5D frequencies.  As the Soul anchored within the physical body, the physical 3D cells of the body would vibrate at such a fast rate that the physical body was no longer visible, but rather the physical body appeared as transparent or translucent orb of light.

Over thousands of years the Lemurian beings worked with the Crystal Ley lines and Portals of the Earth to assist in anchoring their body of light to the Earth in order to support their physical 3D bodies to hold 5D light.   Gradually the Lemurian beings physical bodies appeared more in ‘form’ than of light, though the physical body often had a slight transparency to its appearance.

The Lemurians understood their role here on Earth, and their day-to-day lives were consciously lived in reverence of the highest vibration of their Soul’s purpose.

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