The Ancient Power Of Horses And Our Spiritual Connection

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Horses have played a key role in human progress. When humankind first tamed the horse it opened up increased mobility – don’t forget up until then we were confined to travelling everywhere on foot! Today, horses are still playing a key role in our evolution but now on a soul level as the benefits of interacting with horses, even for non-riders, is now well documented via equine assisted therapy.

Ask any emphatic horse owner and they will tell you that their horses mirror their moods or the emotional state of those around them, says Michele Knight reader and animal communicator, Helen. I know this from just being with my horse, Duchess and with my work with other horses over the years. If I am tense then Duchess will reflect that tension in her own body even if she does not know the reason for my being upset. If I am riding her she will often turn and touch my foot with her nose as if ‘checking’ I am okay and seeking reassurance. Conversely, if I am relaxed then so is she, enjoying her surroundings and relaxing her neck.

So, how can a horse’s innate ability to reflect our emotional state help us? By seeing how a horse reflects our inner state, we can identify emotional problems and blockages we are facing to our soul growth, and release them. We can see clearly how we react to situations and by understanding the horse’s reaction, change our own. Furthermore, as we develop a relationship with a horse – even a therapy horse, we can overcome our fears, build trust, respect and self-confidence, develop better communication, problem solving and coping techniques and learn how to set appropriate boundaries. We can then apply these skills to any other area of our lives!

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