Stressed Single Mother Swears On Fluorite For Saving Her Sanity

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Deborah is a loving mother I have known a very long time and one of my best friends in this world. Like most mothers, she does her best 'Superwoman' impersonation and tries to keep everything and everybody safe and happy at all times. The stress involved is sometimes insurmountable and as most mothers are aware she need all the help she can get.

Recently, Deb took some advice from her spiritual counselor and decided to try some natural solutions that could help her cope with and overcome her high stress levels. From what my awesome friend has relayed to me, the addition of Fluorite into her close personal space on a daily basis has all but soothed her frazzled nerves, and helped her focus on the most important things first. She certainly deserves the respite.

Fluorite heightens mental abilities, assisting in rapid organization and processing of information and can bring mental clarity and stability to an otherwise chaotic situation.  Fluorite absorbs negative energies from the environment and is effective at Auric and Chakra cleansing.  Fluorite can also shield the user from psychic manipulation.  Due to its powerful ability to absorb negative energies, Fluorite should be cleared often.

When used with the Third Eye Chakra, Blue Fluorite brings spiritual awaking and clear communication between the physical and spiritual planes.  Used with the Throat Chakra, Blue Fluorite aids in orderly communication of intuitive insights.  The calm, serene energy of Blue Fluorite brings inner peace. Vibrates to the number 2.

Product details:
Approximately 1-1.5 inches long

**Remember items can and will vary from main photo slightly in color and size.** 
This is due to each item being uniquely made and each of the gemstones having their own variations in color.

*Necklace is NOT included*

This item can be found in our online store, visit our online store here ->