Strengthen Friendships With Turquoise

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Turquoise is one of the oldest protection amulets, and was also known as a symbol of wealth in many ancient cultures. As legend goes -- if given turquoise by a loving friend, that stone would protect the wearer from negative energy and bring good fortune. The turquoise is the symbol of friendship. It also brings peace to the home. Be sure to wear turquoise on a near daily basis and if you have the means, gift a turquoise pendant to your friends as it will clear negative energy between the friendship. The most effective area to wear turquoise is on the solar plexus near the core of yourself and your aura center.

Turquoise carries great wisdom of basic truth within it. It is one of the oldest stones known. This is a stone that a person must learn to attune to instead of the stone attuning to the person. It is important that the owner of a Turquoise give it the proper attention. This stone is a very personal and meaningful stone to one who wears it. Turquoise takes on the characteristics of the owner.

Turquoise stones help us attune our physical selves to the highest realms. It helps us to better understand ourselves and to bring our ideas and emotions under control so we can see them become fruitful in our reality. You have but to stop and listen, be still and be ready to hear the truth about who and what you are. Only then will you obtain your full power.

Turquoise is a stone that has been prized for many years. The ancient Egyptians used turquoise in jewelry. Turquoise is greenish-blue or pale sky blue. The name means "Turkish stone" as it came to Europe by way of Turkey. Turquoise was mined more than 6,000 years ago in Sinai.

    Product Details:
    Size: Pendant is 37mmx10mm
    Weight: About 12g-16g
     **Remember all items can vary from main photo slightly in color and size. 

    This item can be found in our online store, visit our online store here ->