Protect Yourself From Toxic Energy With Carnelian

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Carnelian is believed to have the capability to protect the wearer from negative energies. It wards off negative emotions such as anger, fear, jealousy, and resentment. It improves mood and helps to deal with sorrow and depression. Carnelian encourages love and friendship. It helps accept the flow of life and takes away the fear of dying. It brings peace and serenity to a troubled soul as it helps heal trauma and emotional wounds.

Carnelian is associated with the root and the sacral chakras. It clears imbalances in these energy centers and enhances the energy flow within the body. The gem helps establish better connection with the surroundings and ground people who meditate.

 Carnelian is a beautiful, sensual stone that can be placed on the body, worn as jewelry or a talisman, taken as gem elixir or displayed to increase energy of any space. It brings warmth and positivity. Placed in the central area of the house, carnelian brings balance and harmony. To increase creativity, carnelian should be placed in the West. To attract luck and success, it should be placed in the South. Carnelian is a stone of renewal that brings joy and increases self esteem.

Carnelian was highly valued in Antiquity and worn as jewelry. In ancient Egypt the stone was used to protect the living and the dead. The Egyptian Pharaohs believed that the stone has supernatural qualities. They regarded this stone as a symbol of renewal and loyalty. An Isis knot or tyet, made of carnelian was placed on the neck of a mummy to ensure safe passage and a peaceful afterlife. An Eye of the Horus ornament made of carnelian was believed to protect from the evil eye.

Product Details:

Size : 30-35mm
Weight: 15grams
Natural Cut Pencils

This item can be found in our online store, visit our online store here ->