My Brother Survives His Negative Workplace With Green Onyx

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You are fortunate if you don't work around negative people every day of your professional life. Most of us, including my brother, aren't so fortunate. Since he started working at a new office a couple years ago it seems to have aged him by at least a decade. He enjoys the actual work but the people are so grotesquely negative that he has trouble keeping himself centered. 

This is because we are constantly absorbing the energies of objects and people around us. Thoughts, emotions and words of other people can have a profound impact on our psyche and physical well-being. Just as spending time in nature or working in a garden can lessen stress and improve our mood, when you’re in a crowded place you will draw in the energies of the people around you, whether you feel it or not. This all changed for him when he started carrying green onyx to the office.

Green onyx has long been attributed to physical healing, abundance, fertility, growth, material success, renewal, endurance, balance, dependence and friendship. Can be used for relaxation, neutralize the eye, winning the mind, stimulates creativity. The main aspect of green onyx that helped my brother was the shielding of negativity. This mineral is a powerful blocker of negativity and psychic attacks.

In ancient days, there was a legend related to this green onyx. The onyx stone itself was believed to be involved in various magical rituals. It was used as amulets against demon and any evil plots. The demon was imprisoned in the stone, and it would awake at night, spreading terror and bad influence for the people. The stone, including the green onyx, is a powerful protector against any dark magic and often used by the talisman to perform divination rituals as well.

Besides beneficial to give metaphysical effects on the wearer, green onyx is also beneficial in terms of healing spiritual and emotional problems. 

Product Details

Pendant Sizing: 35-40 mm long

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*** Necklace not included

This item can be found in our online store, visit our online store here ->