Learn To Use A Crystal Ball

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We've all seen the old shows where the magicians use a crystal ball to see far away places, the past, and even the future. Did you know that some people actually use the same technique even today to varied effect? How do I accomplish this, you ask? No problem.

The First thing to consider is atmosphere. Its considered best to practice crystal ball gazing in a very dimly lit room and possibility with incense burning in the background. The mix of light and shadow with the aroma of incense helps to provide the stage of the imagination to paint pictures that will emanate between the crystal ball and user.

It is typical to use a candle that is set behind the user. This helps to shade the light from the crystal ball, providing only the minimal of additional lighting to the crystal ball. Some users will prefer to use a coloured candle. Coloured candles of course have their own frequency (dictated by the colour of the candle). If this is your choice then blue, or purple are good.

The practice of crystal ball gazing is very, very simple but the perfection of the practice is very hard. It requires discipline in the first instance. Discipline over the noise of the conscious mind, and patience of the self, and the loss of all expectation. When you feel ready to begin then follow this simple exercise.

The crystal ball should be sitting on a stand in front of you now. Your gaze into the crystal ball should at a comfortable height. Stare into the crystal ball, and do not blink, do not look away, keep your gaze. Your gaze may take a very long time, so be patient. Allow you mind to become as the crystal, clear.

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3.5cm to 4.5cm in diameter. 120 to 150 grams.

This item can be found in our online store, visit our online store here -> www.SpiritMagic.net