Increase Your Stamina With A Red Jasper Charm

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Increased stamina is one of those things that can benefit everybody, regardless of their spiritual standing in this unpredictable world. Stamina is directly related to our ability to  prolong our mental effort when meditating or engaging in prayer. Red jasper is a natural booster of stamina and has been used for ages to great effect. It is a stone to give overall assistance to everyone, as it stimulates increased energy, strength and stamina. Red Jasper has a strong and even vibration, that works slowly and gradually.

If you feel that your sexuality is unbalanced, or have wide swings in your interest, this stone may help you. It will assist anyone who has any sexual dysfunctions, including impotence. If you have had any negative sexual experiences in the past, or ones that you feel guilty about, this stone will help you to release any shame associated with the experience. It is a strong spiritual grounding stone, so it will aid you to remain grounded as you complete any type of spiritual practices.

This Pendant is a Red Jasper. Red jasper is called the stone of fairness and justice because its energy is used to decrease injustice and help in unfair situations.  According to Melody, meditating with red jasper is especially helpful for gaining insight on how to ameliorate unfair situations. Red jasper energy is said to have a stabilizing effect, and  help you take all of your energy and use it in a balanced manner. Used in dream work, red jasper can enhance dream recall and the ability to glean information pertinent to waking life from those dreams. 

If you are using magical practices, this stone will help you, as it will return magic created negative energy back to its place of origin. Red Jasper stone increases life force or pranic energy, and will stabilize the aura as it creates a better energy flow within your energy field. It has many strong healing attributes, within the sacral or navel chakra. 

Product Details
Pendant Size: 45-55mm
Necklace Description: Black cord with clasp

This item can be found in our online store, visit our online store here ->