How To Use Chakra Crystals

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The ancient concept of the chakras, namely the energy centers of the body, originates in the East, but has also been adopted by many students of the esoteric arts and practitioners of crystal healing and other types of alternative healing in the West.

Often a chakra is imagined as a whirling wheel, a glowing light or as a flower, with each chakra having a specific color. The picture below shows the most commonly used colors, but there are slight variations between different systems. Each chakra takes in energy and transmits energy out, thus maintaining a circulation of life energy around the body. Each chakra is also connected with certain physical, psychological or spiritual characteristics.

When a chakra is blocked, imbalances occur in the body. This can result in disease. in psychological and personality problems or in a lack of spiritual attunement. According to some traditions, there are as many as several hundred, or even several thousand, such centers within the human body. Most traditions however agree on seven principal ones. These are the ones that are most commonly worked with by esoteric students and healers.

Both groups often use chakra crystals in their work as well as other techniques such as sounds generated in various ways, for example chanting, singing bowls or music. These are gemstones, which correspond to the colors of the different chakras. Thus it is possible to activate and balance individual chakras by wearing items of jewelry incorporating stones of the corresponding colors, or by placing tumbled gemstones on the body for a period of time, or by using them as a focus for meditation.

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This item can be found in our online store, visit our online store here ->