How To Use A Rainbow Mandala For Spiritual Healing

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The rainbow is a visible, cosmic declaration of the power inherent in each of us. The seven color rays contain energy that can affect our emotions, health, activity level and much more. Use this Rainbow Mandala of colored gemstones to increase the positive energies of the colors that already exist all around you...

Create a quiet space in your home or office where you can recharge yourself without being disturbed. You may want to build an altar where you keep this formation of stones along with some fresh flowers, your personal totem, scented candles - anything that is pleasing to you and creates an environment where you can center yourself.

Using cleaned stones, put a crystal quartz or diamond in the center and surround it with a stone for each of the seven colors of the rainbow.

Visualize yourself at the center of the white light. The seven rays surround you, coming through the stones. Consider the beauty of light in each stone. See if you can feel the color inside yourself and then around you. Experience the different energies that each color offers you.

The frequency of each stone's energy is pulled through the chakras to realign, revitalize and replenish.

The gems have a way of healing emotions that are in disharmony. As an exercise, dwell on the beauty of the stones and their source - the earth. Realize that the gems, like all physical things, are borrowed. The more you are able to let go of the stones (and other things around you) as a possession, the more your own being will shine...and with this you will have more freedom and happiness.

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