How To Clear Negative Energy From Fluorite

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Fluorite should be cleansed often due to its remarkable ability to absorb negative energies. It should be cleaned at least once a week, and if used in healing or self-healing after each therapy session. It can be cleansed by using running water for several minutes. Afterward it should be exposed to sun light for crystal charging and energy accumulation.

It is a very useful crystal for grounding and harmonization of all spiritual energies in our microcosm. Fluorite is capable of enhancing intuition by making the link that exists between our human mind and the universal consciousness more transparent. And not only that, fluorite is able to help apply these intuitive insights to all sorts of situations in our physical reality. Thus, in essence, this beautiful gemstone helps in coordination between the physical and metaphysical worlds, accelerating spiritual awakening, and increasing self respect.

Many fluorite crystal specimens are fluorescent under ultraviolet light. As you might have supposed, the very phenomenon of fluorescence has gotten its name according to the name of this mineral. The crystal structure of fluorite is cubic but it cleaves into an octahedral form, meaning that, in essence, we have two pyramidal shapes glued together and merged into one whole octahedron. This is a nice example of sacred geometry contained within this extraordinary mineral. The combination of the metaphysical properties of fluorite with its special shape makes this gemstone an excellent tool for meditation, crystal therapy, and chakra energy balancing. Fluorite gem placed between your eyebrows can help you connect with the higher levels of creative expression and balance your mind.

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This item can be found in our online store, visit our online store here ->