Forever Forgive and Forget With Agate

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Don't get caught into that same trap all over again --  when we can't forgive somebody close to us and move on with our lives. Since people began walking this Earth, agate has been understood as a powerful charm that strengthens our inner self. It allows us to stay rooted in what we know is best for us and helps stabilize the constant bad energy that so often infiltrates life. Combine an agate charm with your already strong sense of self and allow forgiveness into the lives of yourself -- and others through you. The power of nature is not to be underestimated and it has been here long before people ever dabbled in their first dreams. 

Agate promotes inner stability, composure, and maturity. Its warm, protective properties encourage security and self-confidence. It is a great crystal to use during pregnancy.  Agate also helps new mothers avoid the "baby blues" sometimes experienced after giving birth, and an Agate jewel worn between the breasts encourages lactation. 

Agate stops the burning desires for things we do not need, and assists those juggling commitments or multiple jobs. It helps writers express ideas in marketable form, and helps young children learn to walk and not fall as they get older. Agate also promotes marital fidelity.

Agate is useful as a protection amulet when traveling, and is especially effective against traffic accidents. 

As a professional support stone, Agate stabilizes the imagination and inspiration of artists, provides personal security for police, telephone workers, cooks, chefs and bakers, and protection from falling objects for builders and construction workers. It provides physical strength and endurance for dancers, dentists, and environmentalists, and emotional endurance for educators and recreational workers. 

Pendant is approx 6cm

This item can be found in our online store, visit our online store here ->