Flowers And Their Ancient Healing Properties

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Flowers have always been associated with healing, both in their natural state, also as essential oils, as perfumes and as flower essences. Flower essences are produced by extracting, it is said, the spiritual essence  of the flower by floating it on pure water in sun and moonlight. Both essential oils and flower essences such as Doctor Bach, the Alaskan Flower Essence Project or Desert Alchemy Floral Essences from Arizona, transmit the healing power of flowers in concentrated form though flower essences work on a and emotional and spiritual level.

In the modern urban and technological world, many people do not have knowledge of local wildflowers that our ancestors possessed,. However, we can now see flowers from all over the world in Botanic Gardens and obtain exotic blooms either produced in  hot houses or flown across the world to flower shops in a matter of hours. Tibetan Buddhists sprinkle or sometimes immerse a patient in water in which flowers have been soaked.

One way to absorb the therapeutic properties of flowers is through what is known as flower psychometry. Psychometry means psychic touch whereby through your fingertips you acquire impressions psychically in images, words and feelings that can give you insight into the cause of your feeling ill or unhappy and ways of improving the situation.

But this psychic touch can also transmit the power of healing from the flower into your mind when you touch the stem, the leaves or the petals, to trigger your self-healing powers. Smelling the fragrance is another means of taking in healing from flowers.

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Lobster Clasp
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This item can be found in our online store, visit our online store here ->