Empower Your Daily Routine With The Warrior's Stone

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Garnets have been widely known for thousands of years, and it has long been known as the warriors stone, as soldiers from the world over wore or carried this gem as a talisman against death and injury.  But it was also said to bring victory, peace and tranquility, as well as healing injuries by stopping the flow of blood. Ancient medical men used to place Garnets inside of open wounds to stop the bleeding and assist in healing.

It is said that Garnets are a type of Karma Stone. If it is given as a gift, it is told to grant affection and loyalty. But when a Garnet is stolen it is said to bring terribly bad luck to the thief until it is returned to it’s rightful owner. It is believed to bring great success to the trustworthy businessman, especially the bright green varieties. Yet the unscrupulous best beware of a Garnet that loses it’s luster as it means danger and disaster.

Garnets hold not only the power to protect its wearer from negative energies, but to also deflect those negative energies back to their origins. Which is particularly useful when one is present within a situation and may be the brunt of gossip or lies, even negative remarks. If in possession of a Garnet, hold it between the perpetrators and oneself, or simply visualize one in between, this will not only create a shield but deflect. The energy rebound will likely go completely unnoticed until they suffer the result of their own negativity. It is a psychic shield in crowded places or at any time one is feeling vulnerable.

The ancient stories speak of a lantern made of Garnet, and that Noah used it in order to steer his ark through the darkness of the rainy nights. Many other travelers and explorers have worn Garnets for protection as they have long been considered talismans and protective stones. It was believed that Garnets illuminated the night and were able to keep the wearer safe from evil of any sort. Modern science has said that this proverbial luminosity of the stone was caused by the high refraction of light…although the magic of the original lore is much more interesting.

Product details:

  • Drop shaped garnet gemstone
  • Set on 925 Silver setting 
  • Pendant size: approximately 2.3cm x 4.3cm
  • Black corded necklace
  • Weight 100- 50grams

**Remember items can and will vary from main photo slightly in colour and size.** 
This is due to each item being uniquely made and each of the gemstones having their own 
variations in colour. 

This item can be found in our online store, visit our online store here -> www.SpiritMagic.net