Align Your Spiritual Self To The Romance Frequency and Find Your Soul Mate

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Have you ever wondered why it's so difficult to locate your soul mate? There are literally billions of people on this Earth, more than there have ever been in any part of human history, so why is it so hard to find your spiritual and romantic match? Consider tuning your spiritual self to the romance wavelength. You cannot even begin to actually search for 'the one' until you are open to that kind of connection. If your energy is closed off to a deep connection then you simply will not EVER find one. The good news is that there are natural ways to tune your spiritual self to be open to romantic connection, the best being turquoise. Why turquoise, you ask?

For centuries of traditional thought, turquoise unites the earth and sky, bringing together male and female energies. Turquoise stimulates the initiation of romantic love, and promotes spontaneity in romantic issues. It is believed to change color to warn of impending danger or to indicate infidelity in thought or action.

Historically, Turquoise is credited with the property of securing friendly regard, verifying the traditional saying that “he, or she, who owns a Turquoise will never want for a friend.”  In the Orient, a Turquoise ring was worn as a protector against all things evil. The proverb states: “Given by a loving hand it brings with it happiness and good fortune.” However, the ring emitted protective energy only if the stone was given by a friend. It was believed to restore clear vision to the mind when the thinking became muddled and thus ensured good fortune.

In the workplace, Turquoise promotes leadership, assists relocation or regular travel associated with career, and helps avoid unwise investments. It helps overcome writer’s block, and is a stone of clear communication when giving information; an especially good amulet for those who work in the law, or for local or central government. Turquoise is especially recommended for accountants and computer operators for mental relaxation, for those who work in radio or television to release anxiety, and for laborers to protect from bodily harm.

This item can be found in our online store, visit our online store here ->