Align The Chakras With Beautiful Turquoise

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Worn anywhere on the body, a turquoise stone will protect and bless the wearer. It is considered a sacred stone in some cultures, being a gift from the gods. You can align your chakras by laying a turquoise stone on each of the chakra points for 3 to 5 minutes while the gem does its work. Don't have 7 turquoise? It may take a little longer, but laying a single stone on 1 chakra at a time for the same 3 to 5 minutes will still align your chakras for maximum power.

Add a few turquoise rocks to a container of water and allow it to sit outdoors overnight where the moon can shine upon it and then so the sun can shine upon it during the day. That evening, pour the water into a tub of warm water, step in, sit down and allow the healing energies to work upon your body.

Turquoise stones have a long list of metaphysical properties. It's ability to strenghten us goes beyond physical strength to give us the strength to do what must be done. The strength to look within ourselves and see both the good an the bad, without feeling we are lessened by the parts which are not perfect.

When we need to connect to another person on a deep level, whether for lasting love or a deep freindship, turquoise stones can be a solution to make it happen and make it last a lifetime. It can also help to ensure the relationship remains loyal on both side and the gem instill loyalty to those who use it.

    Product Details:

    Pendant is approx 1 inch wide/length
    Silver plated pendant
    Weight 15grams
    **Remember all items can vary from main photo slightly in color and size.

    This item can be found in our online store, visit our online store here ->