A+ Student Wears Aventurine During Exams

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At spiritmagic.net we have the pleasure to get advice mail from many esteemed spiritual counselors and recently, one such email described a long term success story involving a younger student that was having difficulty keeping up her grades despite a strong effort. At the suggestion of Florence, this particular student began clearing all the negative energy from her life, her study space and utilizing the natural elements bestowed upon us by mother Earth to accomplish this.

One prominent addition that helped focus her studies and helped change her life was wearing aventurine charms and keeping similar elements in her works pace. As the elements soothed her unquiet mind and helped her focus on only her studies, this particular student left behind her struggles and ascended to the top of her class.

Aventurine is a variety of Quartz characterized by bright inclusions of Mica or other minerals that give a shimmering or glistening effect to the stone, referred to as aventurescence, especially notable when tumbled or polished. Its name is derived from the Italian a ventura orall’avventura, meaning “by chance,” and refers to the Italian glass from the 1700s, produced when a worker accidentally dropped metal filings into a vat of melting glass. Once cooled, the result was pleasing with its randomly spaced iridescent sparkles, and it was used to make jewelry and other items. The name Aventurine was later given to the natural stone which looked like the industrial product.

This beautiful stone, however, is not merely an attractor of luck, but one that aligns conditions so “opportunity” is inevitable. Aventurine releases old patterns, habits and disappointments so new growth can take place. It brings optimism and a zest for life, allowing one to move forward with confidence and to embrace change. It enhances one’s creativity and motivation, and encourages perseverance in maneuvering life’s obstacles. It also reinforces one’s decisiveness and amplifies leadership qualities, injecting a sense of humor and openness to the ideas of others.

Product Details:

Pendant Size: 45-55mm
Necklace- Black cord with clasp

This item can be found in our online store, visit our online store here -> www.SpiritMagic.net